Snowy owl fact sheets

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a spring and summer home for many snowy owls – a favorite creature not only of Harry Potter fans, but throughout the Lower-48 where these magical creatures visit during the winter! Read below for all kinds of snowy owl facts. SNOW OWLS NEST IN THE ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE

Most owls hunt insects, small mammals and other birds. Some owl species hunt fish. Owls have powerful talons (claws) which help them catch and kill prey. Owls have large eyes and a flat face. Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees. Owls are farsighted, meaning they can’t see things close to their eyes clearly. The Barred Owl has quite a diverse diet. They can be seen diving into the water to go after fish. They are also known to consume rodents, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, and snails, they will also consume other species of owls that are smaller than them in order to remain dominant in their environment.

Snowy Owl Fact Sheet Latin Name Nyctea scandiaca. Class Birds. Order Strigiformes. Range The snowy owl can be found throughout the icy habitats encircling the North Pole,... Status Common. Lincoln Park Zoo cooperatively manages snowy owl populations with other institutions... Habitat This ...

Cool Facts: Because Snowy Owls require more insulation than most owls, they possess extra feathers, making them the heaviest owl species in North America. Their feet are also covered in feathers to help keep them warm in the Arctic climates. Male Snowy Owls are completely white, While females possess a dark bar pattern on their feathers.Snowy Owl Eruption. What causes the eruption of Snowy Owls that we experienced during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 winters? Read this Fact Sheet to find out! Jan 30, 2018 · Here are 16 interesting Owl facts. 1-5 Owl Facts 1. Owls make almost no noise from flying, even when tested in a room with multiple microphones. - Source 2. Owls and crows hate each other and will instinctively attack each other on site, even when they've had no previous exposure.